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A Zookeeper is a person who manages after the animals in zoos that are kept from the wildlife for conservation or displayed to the public. They work very closely with all the animals in the zoos and have many responsibilities to maintain the health and wellness of each animal. They must have great record keeping skills since there is a lot of data that must be collect for each animal. Each species is different from each other and requires special attention and care that a zookeeper is in charge of. Zookeepers also have a very interesting history that starts in B.C. and continues to the present day. There are certain requirements that are needed to even consider becoming a zookeeper. One must have a keen sense of wanting to care of another species and also are not oppose to hard labor. Although Zookeepers require record keeping skills, this occupation is far from an office job and it takes a certain type character to become an animal keeper. Zoos are open to the public and are visited by all varieties of people and ages. Zookeepers also have responsibilities to entertain and inform the zoo’s quest. There are Zoos all over the world with many different types of animals therefore there are opportunities all over the world. There is limited growth in the Zoo keeping position, but it may interest someone to continue their education and becoming a zoologist. Zookeepers develop relationships with their animal and contribute in keeping their species alive and help them from becoming extinct.

They also conduct behavioral or reproductive research on a species and participate in public education through talks, programs, or shows.

Such as food for the animals must be weighed carefully so the animal's weight can be logged accurately on the zookeeper’s nutrition diet log.
Keeper Talk
We can bring wildlife, fun, and learning right to your school! Just call 0251 8250 000 to reserve an outreach program for your auditorium or classroom. Can’t come to the Taman Safari? We’ll move and groove our way on over to you! Enjoy movin’ and groovin’ like the animals in this fun critter caper as we explore the world of animal movement.
Through multi-sensory and movement-based activities, we are going to explanation about wild life.
Safari goes to school
Function Taman Safari Indonesia is the Conservation Institute, Education, Research, Recreation and Conservation Ex Situ link in Situ. To carry out one of Taman Safari function that is educational, we are providing information to its visitors through education corner. Education Corner we hold that interaction between the visitors and educators Taman Safari. Various information can be found by the visitors is information about the tiger, curik Bali, Mentawai monkey, orangutan, which centered on the Taj Mahal, Baby Zoo. In addition our educators will accompany the visitors during lunch at 12:00 every Sunday at Rimba Food Court. Of course, information on various types of wildlife can visitors get while enjoying the lunch serving typical Rimba food court.
Education Shows
Safari Trek

This is one of the interesting activities at Taman Safari Indonesia. 
We challenge you to walk through safari jungle on the narrow trail.
You can enjoy pleasant view on Mount Pangrango.

Safari Trek has two routes. There are the Kancil Route and the Macan Tutul Route. 
The distance of Kancil Route is 3 kms, and it is finished on the Macan Tutul Camping Resort. The distance of Macan Tutul Route is 8 kms, and it will be finished on the Hotel Safari.  While you enjoy the beautiful scenery in trek, you may also meet many kinds of animals and flowers.
Safari Trek and Outbonds is opened from 08.00 to 11.00 a.m. only on Saturday, Sunday, and National holidays.

Safari Trek fee is Rp. 45,000/Person, minimum 10 persons/group.