Visi & Misi




To become a conservation and recreation park known the world over.



Become a role model for other animal parks and recreation theme parks, by:

To passionately carry out activities in the sustainable conservation of endangered species, especially Indonesian indigenous species, both within and outside of their natural environment.

To enthusiastically set up and fully promote and support ongoing educational conservation communications, in an innovative and creative manner.

To create benchmark, international standard parks, where visitors can enjoy global standard, intuitively designed facilities and amenities, and learn valuable facts and memorable understanding, all set within a natural environment.

To maintain and support valuable ongoing research into the preservation of all endangered species.

To strive to support and add value to local communities by contributing to education, amenities and employment.

Elevate Taman Safari Indonesia to become the top-of-mind choice for an international standard, family education and entertainment experience.

Through the highest standards and achievements, create recognition as being the employer of choice for all skilled professionals and future talents, within the global enviro-conservation arena.